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Find a home near the Hastings Fishing Huts

Hastings – find a pretty home here and explore

Following on from our day of previewing homes and schools in Hastings, the Kent property finding team were searching for a home for clients who are relocating to Hastings. Hastings is fast becoming a fun place tIMG_2061o live with many good restaurants and bars like the Webbe’s Rock-A-Nore situated in the old part of Hastings and opposite the Jerwood Gallery. The gallery opened only a few years ago and already has a strong following. The latest exhibition features Marcus Harvey who has links to the 1066 Countryside. The fishing huts are also well worth a visit and you can’t help but take in the wildlife when a very cheeky seagull takes up residence on your car!

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Education is one of Pavilion Relocation’s key focus areas.  We keep abreast of the latest developments in Educational Establishments throughout, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London so that we can help families relocating to the UK .  We are always updating and visiting schools to ensure we are able to give the best advice to our families about Independent Schools.  We have listed below a number of Preparatory Schools who are in the process of developing their facilities, recruiting staff or have pupils that have been awarded scholarships or prizes for their academic successes.

Holmewood House, Langton Green, Kent

New building to house 8 new spacious classrooms with a central teachers hub on the 1st floor above a new school administration centre, 2 computer science labs, a digital library and enrichment centre.  This new building will allow all the prep school year groups to have their own suite of form rooms. This will be within the teaching and learning space that was erected in the last 6 years.

Beechwood Sacred Heart School – Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Beechwood Sacred Heart’s new head for the Prepartory School is settling in well in his new role.  Patrick Gus was formerly the Deptuy Head of Bickley Park Prep School near Bromley, Kent.  He is keen to build on the Prep school’s excellent academic record and help the children become happy confident individuals.

The Mead School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

In March 2016 with the completion of a new extension to the existing building The Mead School will include a spacious new reception area and two new classrooms. This will create space for separate specialist subject teaching rooms allowing our exciting modern foreign languages department (French and Mandarin), Performing Arts and Music to spread their wings even more!

The house has grown and the Mead community buzzes and thrives giving every child the chance to feel success and discover their strengths and interests. The Mead School have also done well with their Scholarships this year with Tabitha Boulter winning an academic scholarship to Sevenoaks School, Kent as well as an all round Scholarship to Mayfield School for Girls, Mayfield, Sussex. One of their boys won a drama scholarship to Worth School, Sussex.

Skipper’s Hill Preparatory School, Five Ashes, Sussex.

Skipper’s Hill which is part of the Bellvue Group of Schools have also been ringing the changes in the last year with a new head starting at the beginning of the academic year 2015, he has settled in well to his new position and has welcomed Laura Collins, Maths specialist to the school.  Laura has moved from Woodlands Junior School in Tonbridge, Kent.

We hope this updated information about some of the Independent Preparatory Schools in London and the South East will prove useful in helping families relocating to London and the South-East.  We will continue to post updates as and when new developments are announced. Please call either Anji on 07748 682818 or Amanda on 07944 305921 for further information on school finding services.




When new clients first approach us they often want a general overview of what life is like in London and ask us the top five tips for moving to London

Narrow down your housing/area. when moving to London

When moving to London finding a good place to live is right up there as number 1. Narrowing down housing can be daunting but with help from either on line accommodation search engines such as Zoopla and Rightmove or with the help of relocation agents this should be made somewhat easier. London is awash with places to rent so all the help you can get with the different areas will be essential. Before renting you will need a deposit, which can be as much as two months rent. This deposit is held in a Tenancy deposit scheme which should come back to you at the end of the rental depending on breakages etc. On top of your rent you’ll have to pay council tax (unless you’re a student), gas, water and electricity. It’s best to shop around for the cheapest deals, there are plenty of good price comparison websites that will help you to do this

Explore the city- get to know your area

London is a vast city and full of differing areas – you can walk five minutes in one direction and you may find yourself in a completely different environment. As a city with a wealth of history and culture you could go on an organised walking tour, get out and about and find out the local attractions, find great places to eat and shop for food including at the variety of farmers markets.

Meet up with like minded people.

It can be very daunting moving to this great city of London however remember you are not alone. There are plenty of expat forums  and clubs that you can join, become a member of  a gym or attend evening classes. With so much on offer in London you will be sure to find something to appeal. Find out what’s happening in the city through sites like Londonist and Timeout. By attending the variey of forums on offer this is a great way to start building up contacts.

Learn to get around

One of the first things to get your head around when moving to London is the transport system. Travelling within London is fairly easy, whether by bicycle (Boris bikes), bus, train or underground train (the Tube) your indispensable guide is the Transport for London website, where you can also find out about the Oyster Card (which will save you money on transport). Cash is no longer payable on the buses in London.

Open a bank account

This is also another daunting task. You will also be expected to produce paperwork, with the exact requirements depending on the bank in question. Typical requests are for a passport/EU ID card and proof of address. More banks are offering expat accounts such as Lloyds and Barclays.  This should alleviate the historic problems that many expats experienced by lengthy bank account application procedures, leaving them short of ready cash.

For further information or help with moving to London please contact either Anji on 07748 682818 or Amanda on 07944 305921

Kent independent schools review- Tonbridge School, Kent

When relocating to the UK with children one of your main concerns will be schooling.  At Pavilion Relocation we offer specialist school searches tailor made to suit you and your children. Are you looking for state or privately funded? Day or boarding school? The age of your children will be an important factor – are you looking for a nurturing preschool, a progressive primary school or are your children at or about to enter secondary school age when fulfilling their academic potential might be a prime consideration?  These are just a few of the questions we would put to you in our quest to find the best independent school for your child.

Tonbridge School

Our review of Kent Independent Schools begins with an update of Tonbridge School, Kent. We will also be revieing independent schools in Surrey, Sussex and London. Tonbridge School  is a day and boarding school for boys in Tonbridge, Kent.  It was founded in 1553 by Sir Andrew Judd. The school has entrance at 13+, 14+ and 16+.  It is one of the leading boy’s schools in the country and is highly respected internationally. The school’s stated aims are “to provide a caring and enlightened environment in which the talents of each individual flourish. We encourage boys to be creative, tolerant and to strive for academic, sporting and cultural excellence.”

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