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Exploring Guildford and it’s Environs

Photo showing statue at entrance to University Campus
Relocating to the University of Surrey

An orientation day in and around Guildford

Our client, Surrey University, asked us to organise an orientation tour for David their latest assignee who is moving from Perth Australia to work at Surrey University in Guildford. They were keen for us to investigate the best places for him and his wife to live when they relocate to the UK in January.

A village, a town or Guildford town centre?

The brief was quite broad as David was open to all suggestions so we planned an exciting orientation day out for him visiting some of the beautiful towns and villages surrounding Guildford such as Ripley, Shere, Godalming and Farnham.  Whilst David was keen to find a home that was in or near a village and within a 30 minute commute of the University he did not want to rule out Guildford town centre. We therefore suggested he consider some of the lovely areas that were within walking distance of the University. Thus we carried out a combined search and orientation to include a few house viewings to give David an idea as to what would be available to suit their budget.

Rural won the day

Having shown David a good selection of areas and houses we felt that by the end of the day he had gained a full appreciation of country living compared to town living. He finally came down on the side of the quieter areas as he felt this was more suited their life style.  In addition he particularly liked the larger period properties with gardens as they are keen to have their own veggie patch!  Of course, they expect they will have many guests to stay so the orientation consisted of showing three bedroom properties. Whilst the properties here are quite different from Australia they fitted the mould as to size.

David will be back in January and we are looking forward to carrying out the full home search for him and his wife  then.

Anyone considering moving to a new area and needing help with an orientation then please contact Anji  07748 682818 or Amanda 07974 305921




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