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A property search for a family moving from Luxembourg to Sevenoaks, Kent

Sevenoaks, Kent  A move from Luxembourg – Finding a home for a young family

We had been tasked by our banking client, to carry out a property search for their assignee Peter, his wife and their two pre-school children.

Joan and Peter wanted to find a home that was within 2 miles of a train station that has fast links to London for Peter. Joan, on the other hand, wanted to be within a 10 minute drive to the children’s school. At this time they didn’t want to be too isolated so they decided they would like their house to be located in a large village or small town.

The property search process

Their main criteria was to find a school for the children so they narrowed down the areas through the schools they liked and the commute time to London. They finally settled on either Sevenoaks or one of its surrounding villages. We started our home search about 3 weeks before they were due to visit, most of the searches we carry out these days tend to be a team effort as more often than not our client’s assignees like to be personally involved in their search and will often ask us to pre-view properties they have selected in addition to the properties we have found for them in our property search. After all the pre-views, we reported back with a definitive list and though several of the properties were taken before Peter and Joan were able to visit we still had a good selection of properties for them to view when they arrived. They chose the third house we viewed as it was in a great location, close to the school, the shops and an acceptable commute for Peter. The house itself was beautifully furnished and finished to an exceptionally high standard. We advised them on the terms of the tenancy agreement, checked-in and obtained the keys for them as they could not arrive until a week later when we handed over to them with a small hamper of goodies to help with their first day in their new home.

We wish Peter, Joan and their children a smooth and easy transition to the UK and all the best for their future here.

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