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Marlborough House School provides a great all-round education

School children playing
Marlborough House School Sign Post
Marlborough House School

Our visit to Marlborough House School.

We spent a delightful morning touring this Prep school with our clients. Fiona Wooley, the Registrar, was extremely welcoming and made every effort to accommodate this tour for our clients at extremely short notice. It was well worth it. We started the tour outside. The school is set in 34 acres of lovely grounds which include a Forest School, a lake with ducks on it, 9 tennis courts, rugby, football, cricket, lacrosse and rounder’s pitches as well as an impressive outdoor play area. The children have games to go to every day and every child learns to swim, play tennis and most importantly they all play in teams regardless of their ability. 

Marlborough House has an excellent educational record. 

Photographs of Marlborough House School and Grounds
Marlborough House Grounds and buildings

Each and every child is encouraged to be the best he/she can be and the ethos of the school is very much centred on the children learning in their own way, discovering their strengths and abilities and learning to question things. This is encouraged though the hands-on learning experience of the Forest School which is part of their school life from Nursery to Year 4. We were fascinated by the ICT department and all it has to offer, as it is very up to date and has its own 3 D printer. The art department was impressive with an array of masks and models on show as they are gearing up for the whole school Carnival celebration which will take place later in June and is based on a Rio theme with a nod to the Olympics.  The music department has four choirs and the Chamber choir will be performing later this month at a local charity event.  The school was proud to boast that it had 17 Year 8 (aged 12/13) candidates sit the Latin GCSE paper this year, that’s 3 years early!

The emphasis on manners and ability to chat to anyone was emphasised.  They have a wonderful family-style seating arrangement at lunchtime; all years and a member of staff are mixed up and allocated a seat at a table at the beginning of each half term.  This system means that children from all years get to know each other and members of staff. 

Finally we met with the Headmaster, Martyn Ward, who was really proud of his school and the way it is progressing. He loves the fact that it is a warm, friendly school where all the teachers know each and every child’s name. The school has 320 pupils and runs from Nursery till Year 8 (2 ¾ years to 13+).

If you want us to arrange a tour of this delightful school call Anji on 07748 682818 or Amanda on 07944 305921

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