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New York, New York, USA to London, Kentish Town, England – finding homes in London

Flags flying in front of the Rockefeller Centre in New York.
View of London with the Shard dominating the scene.
The Shard, London

New York, New York, USA to London, Kentish Town, England – finding homes in London

We love our job and the best part is finding homes in London or the South East for our clients. Having carried out the initial research, pre-viewed the properties and then fine honed the search we find the most rewarding part of the search is meeting and then spending the day with our clients viewing the selected properties. It is the idea that we are going on a new exciting journey with each and every client that, fortunately for us, does invariably have a fairy tale ending which is finding them the home of their dreams.

Moving from New York to London in August 2017.

Last week we spent a day (the hottest day of the year so far!) with our clients who will be moving from New York to London in August. Quite a challenge for Erica, our client, as she has given up her New York job in order to relocate to London with her daughter to enable her husband, a talent scout, to work here in London. Erica had already found a few nursery schools in a number of areas so we set about finding apartments and houses in these areas. They were to be within half a mile of David’s work in City Road and Erica had originally chosen, King’s Cross, Angel, Islington and Clerkenwell as her preferred locations.

The search progressed at a pace and we pre-viewed a number of apartments in City Road, the Canaletto Building, Chronicle Tower, in King’s Cross we looked at the Tapestry Building and Plimsoll Building the Spitfire Building and Merchant Building–all in and around the Kings Cross area. Throughout the process We kept Erica and David opportunities to comment on our findings and honed the search down to 4 lovely apartments in converted houses and 6 apartments in the high rise state of the art buildings, Canaletto, Chronicle and Merchant. As luck would have it an apartment came on the market the day before the viewing day and it was viewed first thing in the morning. It turned out this one in Kentish Town was the one they loved as it fulfilled all their criteria, that is, close to work, modern good sized apartment with a garden for their daughter and close to the nursery school.

Once we had completed the days’ viewings it just left us to negotiate their offer on the Kentish Town property and agree the terms of the agreement. They are now set to move into their new home in London in mid-August.

We wish them all the best and believe that their new home will be everything they hoped for.

Please call either Anji on -07748 682818 or Amanda on 07944 305921 as we are experienced property/home finders we would love to help you with your quest of finding homes in London for you and your families.


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