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Out in all weathers! Our latest home search took us to the East and North of London

Home search in London in the snow
Nyhavn port in Copenhagen
Moving from Copenhagen to London where the home search begins

The brief:  home search in or near Stoke Newington for a family moving from Copenhagen to London

Despite everything the Beast from the East could throw at us it did not stop us carrying out our home search.  We travelled from Muswell Hill in North London to Stoke Newington in the North East and Whitechapel in the East and beyond.

This home search was a decided adventure as it was not just snowing but a full-on blizzard. Undaunted we fought our way through the adverse conditions and pre-viewed 10 properties on behalf of our clients moving from Copenhagen to London.

Elizabeth and Adam, their two girls and the cat were looking for a 3 bedroom home that was a good commute to Elizabeth’s work in Farringdon and close to good schools. The Education Consultants’ had their work cut out for them as their elder daughter is exceptionally bright but on the autistic spectrum.

After some toing and froing of emails we fixed on 8 properties to take Elizabeth and Adam to view, once again the weather was cold and snowy. Out of the properties viewed there was only one that got a definite no whilst their preferred properties at the end of the day were in Stoke Newington,  Muswell Hill and one in Dalston. After their offer on the apartment in Stoke Newington was rejected they decided to offer on their joint favourite in Muswell Hill

They were extremely happy when their offer on the Muswell Hill Apartment was accepted and they are looking forward to moving in at the end of March.  We will continue to work with them until they are settled into their new home and will provide them with a comprehensive Orientation and Information pack to help them on their way.

Looking for dedicated search consultants who are prepared to overcome all obstacles to find their assignees the perfect home please contact either Amanda on 07944 305921 or Anji on 07748 682818.


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