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Relocating Back to the UK

relocating-back-to-the-ukRelocating back to the UK – A British Expat Going home

Relocating back to the UK, was a sort of relief, a great feeling that we were at last returning “home”. Relocating, changing jobs, moving continents/countries had been our way of life for the last 20 years, so the thought of going back to England was welcoming. A British Expat was going home at last.

The Reality of Relocating back to the UK – Exciting or Daunting?

However, the reality of relocating back to the UK was quite different. My husband had already moved to London to start his new job in the City of London in May, so he’d actually done the most important part. Now it was my part. Just choose a place to live, a roof over our family’s head and a good school for our boys to attend in September! Crickey. In one way it all sounded quite exciting, but also really quite daunting. Even though as a family we had relocated twice before, this time it was different. This time was for keeps.

relocation-to-the-ukOur Forever location

The place that I would choose would be our forever location. The school our kids would settle into, would be their school for the next 4-6 years. The choice of where to live started to feel overwhelming. Having never lived in any of the counties surrounding London, quickly it started to feel like moving yet again to a “foreign” country, because crucially at the end of the day, no matter how much research I did myself, I had no personal experience or knowledge of any of the possible places we could end up.

kent-countrysideRelocating to Kent

Relocating to Kent seemed the obvious possibility, having conducting a fair amount of online research on possible train routes into the City, house prices etc. My husband trusted me to travel to Kent alone (we were at the time living in Belgium) and to make decisions on not only relocating to Kent, but also choosing a location with a viable commute for him, a house to rent and a primary school for our children. Daunting was THE word!

However, I discovered Pavilion Relocation online and fairly last minute booked up their house and school search services, so in the end I was not alone. Very quickly during those 5 days my worries were being put to rest, my feeling of being a foreigner in my own country faded, and the intense daunting feeling soon turned to the excitement I so hoped I’d feel about moving back home. All thanks to Pavilion Relocation’s personal knowledge of the Kent area and they’re professional connections, they ensured that those 5 days were a huge success. Not only did they convince me I’d chosen the right county, they “held my hand” and assured I found a lovely house, in a lovely location and a great school, but also ensured that the whole experience was a joy. Thank you Amanda and Anji.

If you are facing the task of moving relocating back to the UK, Pavilion Relocation really can help – call Amanda or Anji for an informal consultation on +44 (0) 1892 257001.

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