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School Finder Service

We know that schooling and education is one of the most important and personal decisions families make when relocating. If schooling is an important factor in your relocation, our school finder service can provide you with current and comprehensive information on the educational choices available here in the UK.

After an initial discussion, we will go through key points regarding your relocation and schools choices to build up a profile of your schooling needs. We will then carry out an in-depth search for a school and arrange accompanied school tours and visits to your shortlist.

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How the School finder service works:
  • First Stage

    • Initial discussion on the type of school you are considering : International, private, independent, grammar, state or other.
    • School search questionnaire to be completed with you.
  • Second Stage

    • Tailor made searches.
    • Determine top primary and/or senior schools in your chosen areas with league table of information.
    • Summary of relevant schools with availability of places including day and boarding schools.
    • Provide detailed school profiles and brochures including information on entrance criteria such as scholarship dates, 11+ grammar entry information, international school entry requirements and boarding facilities.
    • Information on sports, music & extra curricular activities available.
    • Key dates in the school calendar.
  • Final Stage

    • Arrange accompanied school visits.
    • Assist with application forms and liaise with school or Local Education Authority.
  • University Entrance & Private Tutoring

    We can provide comprehensive information on the latest university entrance data.

    If you are interested in schools that offer a different educational experience outside of the mainstream national curriculum we are happy to help with this too, for example: Free Schools, Montessori method, Rudolf Steiner method or home tutoring.

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