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Singapore to Tunbridge Wells – a family with a dog – school and home finder required!

School and home finder service photograph showing the countryside around Tunbridge Wells

Singapore to Tunbridge Wells – a family and their dog! School and home finder required

A family and their dog – school and home finder search required – always one of our favourite challenges finding landlords who like and welcome dogs!! We were straight onto it though as our client had already chosen a number areas with outstanding schools and these were located in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Shipbourne in Kent.

Photograph of the Pantiles
The Pantiles – home and school finder service – Royal Tunbridge Wells

Sandhya tasked us with finding and viewing a number of 3 to 4 bedroom houses that had a garden, accepted a dog and that fell into the catchment areas of the selected schools. With school places at such a premium and demand so high it was really important to find a house as close to the school as possible. Due to our diligent search we were fortunate enough to have found the ideal home for them, just a stones throw away from their first choice school in a smart new development called Knights Wood in Tunbridge Wells. The landlord proved to be very accommodating as he was happy to take the dog and has allowed them to put up a shed in the garden as well – a great result all round.  As our client was not able to view the properties herself we took her on a video tour of all the houses we’d selected and pre-viewed in the locations specified and although most of the properties were great Knights Wood stood out as the internal spec. was great.  After much consultation about room sizes and working out whether her furniture was going to fit – some compromises had to be made as the room sizes here don’t quite match up to the spacious rooms in Singapore.  We are looking forward to welcoming the family to their new home on Tuesday.

If you need a home and/or school search in Kent, Surrey, Sussex or London then contact Amanda or Anji as we offer an excellent home finder and school finder package

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