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Steyning Grammar School-A great state boarding school in the South East of England

Photo of Steyning high street
Steyning High Street

State boarding schools

It may come as a surprise that there are as many as 40 state boarding schools in the UK with seven in the counties of Sussex, Kent and Surrey. We recently went on a trip to visit Steyning Grammar School (SGS) which is the only state boarding school in West Sussex situated in the very picturesque village of Steyning. The school is located on two sites – the lower school in Church street and in Storrington and the upper school including the Sixth Form College on the larger site at Shooting Hill.

Not only is Steyning Grammar School performing at a high academic standard for the day pupils the boarders who can join from year 9 for GCSE’s and again in Year 12 for A levels also benefit from this education whilst also enjoying the wonderful facilities that each of the four boarding houses offer with extra boarding privileges.

These privileges include amongst many activities Friday night fun suppers, sometimes themed for example for Halloween, Pizza nights, BBQ’s or whatever the boarders fancy. Saturday day trips to Brighton, London or even Bluewater are also frequently arranged as well as more adventurous trips to Disneyland Paris and experiencing  helicopter flight trips.

The boarding houses are separated into girls and boys with one mixed house, the genders are separated on different floors with no available access. What is apparent is the huge diversity of the boarders coming from all over the Globe and it is their willingness to engage as a boarding family that seeps through.

With the school motto “Every person the best they can be” it is clear that the pupils aim to live up to this. With an OUSTANDING Ofsted report in 2015 judging the school to be outstanding in every category this should undoubtedly be a school worth considering – either as a day pupil or boarder.

Having spent time visiting this state boarding school in Steyning we feel it would definitely be worth considering it as an option and any of the other state boarding schools as an option as these schools provide high quality boarding at the lowest possible cost. You pay only the cost of boarding as the education at these schools is free. This means that rather than paying £25,000+ a year for an independent boarding school, you would probably be paying less than £12,000 a year at a state boarding school as the termly fees are in the region of £4000 per term.

If you want to discuss boarding options be it state or independent or any other schooling options then please contact either Anji or Amanda on 01892 257001

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